The Internet of Thought™ is decision making for the 21st Century.

The Problem

Without the Internet of Thought™
  • Decision-making mistakes cost companies up to 40% of a project’s cost
  • No standardization across a company
  • Often individual approaches impact results
  • Poor quality data
  • Impact of outcome bias

The Opportunity

With the Internet of Thought™
  • Save $Millions per year in project costs and operational decisions
  • Retain, share, and leverage experience and processes of best performers
  • Establish standardization and consistency
  • Transform less experienced staff into high performers in days instead of years

The Solution

The Internet of Thought™

Proprietary solution with three key elements

  • Consulting – ID best performers’ processes
  • Software – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Continuous improvement and sharing process

    If you said your organization made 3,000 operational decisions every year, you could be underestimating. And the cumulative cost of making those decisions poorly could be costing you billions [or millions] of dollars every year.  ~ Gartner

    The Internet of Thought™ is not an expert system that replaces thinking
    and makes judgements for humans.

    It consists of: 

    Implementation Methodology

    ⦁ Capture unconscious reasoning of best performers

    ⦁ Transform reasoning into clearly defined judgment processes

    ⦁ Store in the Internet of Thought database so they can be used to guide employees

    AI Software Platform

    ⦁ Use best performer’s judgment processes

    ⦁ Leverage platform to quickly guide users through a maze of possibilities to the right decision

    ⦁ Respond to the situation by making judgments a best performer would make if they were present

    AI Continuous Process

    ⦁ Enable users to have, improve, and use their own judgment process as a guide

    ⦁ Enables any user’s judgments to be used by another at any time

    ⦁ Enables real-time learning among users by sharing updates as they happen


    …High performers are 400 percent more productive than average ones. In highly complex occupations… high performers are an astounding 800 percent more productive.

    ~ Scott Keller,  McKinsey & Company

    Connecting Minds, Connecting Worlds since 1990